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Udemy : YouTube Thumbnails – How I Got 116k Subs & 11,000,000+ Views

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Udemy 100% off : Make Your YouTube Videos Viral With Eye-Catching Thumbnails. Make These YouTube Thumbnails Fast & Free – Proof included!

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General information about this topic

  • Get more YouTube views
  • Get more YouTube subscribers
  • Unlock ‘Viral’ potential
  • Get increased earnings
  • All Equipment and Software is included for free
  • You must be prepared to treat this as a college course – you’ll be expected to do practical lessons and to take notes on the theory.
  • No keyword or search engine optimisation in the world will help you if you are missing the number 1 ingredient.

Description : In this comprehensive graphics course, I give you the ability to make thumbnails and graphics that will get hundreds of thousands of views, and I also show you how to do it for free. You do not need to be a graphic artist or designer, nor do you need Photoshop. All tools that you need for creating epic thumbnails can be obtained for free.Your thumbnail is what makes your video stand out amongst all the dozens of other videos when people go to YouTube.As long as you create the thumbnail the correct way, adhering to YouTube’s extensive rules and guidelines, your video will stand out on the page amongst others and you will snap up the views, subscribers and income from your competitors. You will see how the great YouTubers utilise the art of eye-catching thumbnails to capture all the traffic, leaving their competitors hung out to dry, and now you can join them.With billions of the videos on YouTube these days it’s the only distinguishing feature that you can make to potential viewers. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, I have you covered. I show you how to do all of this for free, and it only takes minutes to do.
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