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General information about this topic

  • Rank 1 in Search Engines
  • Free SEO Tools & Plugins
  • How to choose a domain name
  • Best SEO practices for internal linking
  • How to keep users on your website for longer time
  • How to decrease bounce rate
  • Keyword Research Strategy in depth

Description : Don’t worry, I had the same problem around one and a half year ago. I spent so much time in building a website and in creating a great content for people. But not a single visitor was coming to my website. I became a little disappointed but then I tried to figure out what is the problem, why I am not getting traffic on my website, why my website doesn’t appear in the search results of search engines. Then I came to know that my website was not optimized for search engines i.e. search engines were not able to understand what my website was all about. After knowing this, I started learning how can I make my website friendlier for search engines. I read many SEO books, SEO articles and watched many SEO tutorials. I applied the SEO techniques to my website and with the passage of time my website traffic increased and now I get around 5000 visitors daily to my website and my website traffic is increasing with time. Some of the keywords for which I rank 1st in google are stroke slogans, feminist slogans, gold slogans and many others and I rank on first page of google for more than 350 keywords. In this course, I will teach you everything that I have learned and applied to my website to get that amount of visitors. I will share all my experience and knowledge in this course. SEO is very easy, there are only few things you need to know to optimize a website and after watching this course you will be optimizing your website at your own. There will be no need to avail the costly services of SEO companies.

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