Udemy : Introduction to Unit Testing C# Code

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General information about this topic

  • Understand the benefits of automated tests
  • The tooling to write and run unit tests
  • Characteristics of great unit tests
  • Naming and organizing tests
  • Types of automated tests
  • Write simple unit tests with MSTest and NUnit
  • What to test and what not to test

Description : Picture this: you make a simple change to the code and suddenly realize that you created a dozen unexpected bugs. Sound familiar? You’re not alone!Good news is, unit testing can make this a thing of the past.Maybe you’ve heard of automated or unit testing before and you’re keen to learn more.Or perhaps you’ve tried to learn it and got a bit lost or ended up with fat and fragile tests that got in the way and slowed you down.In a nutshell: it’s the practice of writing code to test your code and then run those tests in an automated fashion.Why write extra code? Wouldn’t that take extra time to write? Would that slow you down? Why not just run the application and test it like an end user?I learned pretty fast that if you’re building a complex application or working on a legacy app, manually testing all the various functions is tedious and takes a significant amount of time.

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