Udemy : Infrastructure & Cloud Career Planning 2018 – Complete guide

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General information about this topic
  • Define their Job Role and Career goals based on knowing themselves and the career details ahead of them
  • Undestand and advocate career plans that takes into account the hottest skills on demand in networking
  • Understand what it takes to reach the top of the networking career and how to maintain it
  • Plan a six figure $ career plan maximizing their potential outcomes and gains
  • Understand why it is crucial to leave behind the dated career plans that do not maximize outcomes
  • Know clearly how to stay updated to continue being amongst the best network resources available
  • A self resolution to work hard and smart to reach the ultimate goal of six $ figures outcome from the IT networking career

Description : Get the inside scoop that no other course, school, college will teach you. Authored by a Seasoned Cloud Architect with 24+ years in IT infrastructure, Networking, and Cloud deployment, architecture and pre-sales. This course is unique in all aspects, its content, guidance, expertise behind every word said.This Course is a MUST have for everyone new to Cloud, IT Infrastructure, or SDN.If you are fresh, already into this field or changing into this field, this course is a MUST have For everyone aspiring a career in Cloud, Security, Data Center, Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization to name a few. Take the biggest step towards your ultimate success in this career, build your perfect career Plan today and stop wasting time with classical certificates that do not hold the same value they used to few years ago. Plan now and kick start your career development with a solid plan to achieve the best results.Learn the skills in, extremely, high demand, job responsibilities/descriptions, job role definitions, potential pay rates, how to tackle them, challenges and how to work around them, and much more! On top of all this, the course will help you build the perfect career plan, with clear goals, target jobs, potential pay rates, time frame, financial investment, and target skills. Without a clear plan, that has clear goals with milestones, and time frame, it will be extremely difficult to cruise through this career and reach the best that you deserve out of it.

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