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General information about this topic

  • Google maps, directions, markers, clusters, custom icons, real-time gps updates (like uber) and more
  • Android Studio
  • You need a credit card to use google maps and directions API. You won’t be charged anything though because you get a $200 credit.
  • Enabling the Google Maps SDK for Android
  • Enabling the Google Directions API for Android
  • How to use MapView objects
  • Setting view bounds on a google map

Description : Building a thread that retrieves coordinates from a database. Building a service that inserts coordinates into a database. Create custom map markers with images. Get real time gps updates of users (Like Uber does). How to use marker cluster to make custom map markers. Retrieving distance and travel time information using the directions API. Adding Polylines to a google map. Determining the fastest route. Opening the Google Maps application using an intent and uri.Android developers who want to learn about Google Maps and the Directions API

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