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General information about this topic
  • Appply Google Apps Script to create projects
  • Explore using JavaScript for client side interaction with Google Script
  • Add interactive functions into Google Spreadsheet
  • Build SpreadsheetApp and CalendarApp applciations
  • Develop and deploy web app with Google Script
  • Introduction to Google Calendar Script Project
  • Introduction and setup of Google Script

Description : Explore how you can use Google Apps Script to develop interactive applications that can be used to improve business workflow and extend the functionality of the google suite of products. This course covers building a project which adds the ability within a Google Spreadsheet to search the users Google Calendar and track results within the spreadsheet. In Addition create an option to add items into the users calendar from the spreadsheet menu as well as from a web app url form.JavaScript is a prerequisite to Google Script as its based on JavaScript coding. Many of the methods and code from JavaScript can be used to write Google Script. If you know JavaScript you know Google Script!!!! Google provides classes and methods that can be applied within the code to connect various Google products together to create some REALLY REALLY amazing functionality that can save time. Power up your web development using the POWER of GOOGLE. So many amazing things can be done – if you have never used Google Script then prepare to be AMAZED – best of all its easy and you can do SOOOO MUCH with just a few lines of code.

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