Udemy : Creative Sport Retouch – Create Dynamic Images in Photoshop!

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General information about this topic

  • Retouch and Master Sport Images in Photoshop!
  • Do a Skin Retouch and Clean up other Parts of the Image!
  • Sharpen Images to improve the details!
  • Work with lights and Lighting Effects to add moody effect into the Image!
  • Do simple Raw Conversion in Camera Raw and prepare images to work with Photoshop!
  • Do fantastic Color Grading to improve dramatic look in the Image!
  • Dodge and Burn your Image to bring up dynamic into your Images!

Description : In this Sport Retouching Course, I will show you my complete retouching proces from the beginning till the end. In this over 1 hour course you will get knowledge to create you own breathtaking images!No matter if you just started your adventure with photoshop or you have knowledge about photoshop. This course is slowly and well explained, so even beginners can find a way to create their own projects with this course.For the incredible low price, you will get 9 very well explained lessons of complete Sport Retouch! Were you struggling with Creative Retouch or maybe you just started your adventure with Photoshop? This Course is something you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are new in Photoshop or have some projects behind you. The way I present lesson in this course make it easy to understand, and make you know photoshop, even if you have no experience with this fantastic software! What If I’ll tell you that few years ago I was exactly in the same situation. I had no experience and no knowledge at all. Since I opened photoshop for the first time, I got obsessed and explored photoshop on my own. And now I am able to present you my best knowledge I’ve got for the last couple of years!

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