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General information about this topic
  • Look at Algebra in a more positive and confident manner, and be better prepared to succeed in learning Algebra.
  • All students should have at least completed the 6th grade and a desire to learn Algebra.
  • Students who are getting ready to take an Algebra class or just want a quick refresher in the basics of Algebra.
  • Getting Familiar with the Symbols
  • Working with Inequalities
  • The Four Quadrants and How to Identify Points
  • Proportions In Algebra Part 2

Description : If you feel that you do not like Algebra and think that you are not very good at it, then this course is for you! There are many reasons why you feel this way, but I can assure you that it has nothing to do with your intelligence. You see, languages are hard to learn, and Algebra is a language. It is a symbolic language! It uses symbols that stand for things, and if you do not understand what the symbols mean, then you cannot speak or understand the language.When you complete my course, you will have an understanding of all of the most widely used symbols that you will encounter in any Algebra course. Being able to speak the symbolic language of Algebra will give you the confidence and the ability to learn.I will walk you through each topic carefully and will give you the opportunity to practice each of the tasks with downloadable worksheets designed to focus only on the idea that is being discussed. You cannot learn by watching something, or just listening to a lecture. I watch a lot of basketball on TV, but that doesn’t make me a better basketball player! I’ve been a Algebra Teacher in the city of Milwaukee for over 35 years. I’ve never come across a student that couldn’t learn if they wanted to learn. That is all you really need! I hope to see you in my class soon!

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