FAQ for cashback.

What Should I have While registering my offersallin1 account ?
1. You should have a Paypal account
2. Use Paypal email id to register offersallin1 account so that we can give cashback to same email id through Paypal.

When I will get cashback ?
1. When Your are logged in on offersallin1.com with your credentials.
2. Cashback will be on selected products and stores.
3. You will get cashback on offers where it is clearly mentioned with cashback percentage.
4. You have clicked on offersallin1.com offer link and completed transaction by paying amount.
5. You will get cashback only if it is tracked by our system that you have purchased through our link.

How to get all my transactions tracked ?
1. Best way is to use browser which you normally don’t use for other sites offers.
2. Delete your cookie before you logged into to offersallin1.com account.

How to see My transactions ?
Click to see activity of all your transactions

How to know My wallet status ?
Click to get your wallet status

What if I need a course to buy from offersallin1 link and is not on offersallin1.com ?
1. Submit a ticket saying that you need a course which is not listed.
2. In message give course URL.
3. With in 1 day We will publish your selected course on our website so that you can purchase from our link and get cashback.

How I can get cashback in my Paypal ?
1. Cashback will be on hold for 60 days after you purchased through our link
2. After 60 days you can get into your paypal account .
3. To get cashback 2 points are important.
A) You should have Paypal account
B) Your credit balance should reach to threshold.
4. Email us from your registered email id to offersallin1@gmail.com saying that you need your cashback into your paypal account

Will there be transaction charges on transferring money to my Paypal ?
Yes, There would be transaction fees by Paypal and this should be paid by you
e.g if you are withdrawing 20$ to your Paypal account then suppose 0.5$ is transaction charges then you will get only 19.5$ to your Paypal account.

What if I don’t have Paypal account ?
1. You will not get cashback because we only give cashback through Paypal only.
2. Get your new Paypal account and inform us at offersallin1@gmail.com with your registered email id or raise ticket asking to change the email id to same as paypal account id.

What If While registering I have not entered my Paypal email and now I wish to change my registered email id to Paypal id
1. You have to email us on offersallin1@gmail.com or raise ticket saying that you wish to change your registered email id to your paypal id so that you can start receiving cashback .
2. We do not accept any other mode of giving cashback other than Paypal.

What is threshold / Limit after which I can withdraw cashback ?
1. Only after 20$ you can request to withdraw your cashback to your Paypal account
2. This limit will keep on changing. We will inform you the change on your registered email id.

When I will not get cashback?
1. If it is not tracked by our system, We will not give cashback.
2. In no transactions are completed.
3. No cashback on transactions where free coupons are applied.
4. No cashback on transactions which is combined with other offers like gift card.
5. No cashback on web hosting purchased as it is not allowed from respective stores.

How to submit complain in case my transactions are not tracked ?
1. Submit a ticket on https://offersallin1.com/submit-ticket/ saying that your transactions are missing.
2. Give us the invoice copy that you purchased so that we can investigate it
3. Finally it is our decision if cashback should be given or not.

What I should do if I need any support ?
Submit a ticket

Who will decide cashback in case of dispute ?
1. We hold all power to decide if cashback should be given or not.
2. Our decision will be last in case of any dispute.
3. We may investigate depending on your invoices which you will submit as proof.
4. We will also see your history to decide if this case is genuine or not
5. To keep our customer happy we may take your side but all depends on that time and your past history transactions.

Is cashback % will remain constant always ?
1. No, It will keep on changing. we will inform you time to time about exact cashback %

Can I transfer my amount in offersallin1 wallet to my friends offersallin1 wallet to meet the withdrawal limit ?
No , You cannot transfer your offersallin1 wallet money to any others offersallin1 wallet.