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Teachable : Perfect your Mathematics fundamentals

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This course is designed to start with an introduction to number system basics and quickly progress into an in-depth study of all the operations that are performed on them. We will be covering. Integers , Fractions, Decimals, Factors & Multiples(HCF,LCM), BOD-MAS rules of brackets, , Rational numbers, Approximation to Whole number, significant figures and required decimal places ,Estimation, Writing very big or small numbers in scientific notation or standard form and working with numbers when they are in standard form , Percentage and Ratio-Proportion ,Unitary method , Direct and Inverse proportion , Multiple ratios , Profit , Loss, discount and Tax etc.Course covers a variety of easy and challenging problems being worked upon. With every topic, basic facts, concepts, terms, principles and application of various concept is added. In most of the lectures theory is explained in written format with easy explanation, I have emphasized on both verbal and written explanations so that the students do not miss out on any important fact.