Learn Kubernetes from a DevOps guru

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Master Kubernetes to deploy, manage, and scale robust, performant, and reliable containerized applications with ease. Kubernetes is at the cutting-edge of how the greatest apps scale, the most successful businesses ensure reliability day-in-and-day-out through all kinds of conditions, and how DevOps engineers around the world keep calm and stay effective. After being released as open-source from Google, where it remained their “secret-sauce” in their seemingly infinite ability to scale their global-scale products & services without a hitch for almost a decade, Kubernetes has become the dominant and de-facto standard in how applications applications containerized using technologies such as Docker are architected, deployed, managed, and scaled. If you consider Docker containers in an application the individual members of an orchestra, each with a specific job and responsibility to stay on-tempo and on-track with the rest of their peers to deliver a great performance, you can think of Kubernetes as the conductor of the orchestra. It’s no wonder then that with its deep history and long track record managing production applications for small startups to the biggest companies in the world Kubernetes is the de facto standard in the emerging area of Container Orchestration.In this course, you’ll use Kubernetes to deploy real-world applications, and by doing so you’ll learn the concepts necessary to not just have a rote memorization of the individual tasks needed to operate Kubernetes, but a fundamental understanding of how you can use Kubernetes to build and deploy robust applications.