Learn Data Migration: Database Migration MS SQL to Oracle DB

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Practical Hands-on Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle.Data Migration is an important function anyone working with a database should be able to carry out.There are several tools available to perform database and data migration. In this course we will be using a free powerful tool by Oracle called Oracle SQL Developer to migrate a third party database from Microsoft SQL Server into Oracle.Setting up a Migration Repository : The Migrations Repository is a database schema that stores the meta_data collected and transformed in the migration process.Configuring the Third Party Database Connection : You need to configure a database connection for the database which you would like to migrate. There are two steps to this process:Download JDBC driver and Connecting to Third Capturing Source Database :This step is used to capture a snapshot of the current state of your third-party database and is necessary to provide SQL Developer with a “point in time” view of your database. Once this step is complete, the Migration wizard works on the meta-data stored in its repository, instead of issuing queries against your live database.The next step in the migration process is to translate the T-SQL objects – constraints, functions, procedures, triggers, views – to Oracle SQL objects.