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Open Source Compliance Courses. The Linux Foundation’s open source compliance courses provide the requirements and industry best practices your organization will need to organize and manage a full-scale compliance program. Our open source compliance courses include compliance tools, self-assessment checklists, resource estimates, and common pitfalls that companies face when jumping into open source development.Created in collaboration with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), this orientation course is designed to provide you with essential background knowledge and practical skills to promote inclusivity in presentations, messaging and other communications.Because open source is now found everywhere software exists, a good working knowledge of open source licensing and compliance is critical. This course is designed to teach software developers and producers why it is important to add copyrights and licenses to their code, as well as how to do so.The course provides a multidisciplinary overview of best practices in Open Source Software Management. It’s multi-disciplinary because in most environments managing the use of Open Source Software well requires the participation of business executives, the legal team, software architecture, software development, software maintenance and product management. In fact, one of the most significant challenges in Open Source Management is integrating all of these functions with their very different points of view into a coherent (and efficient) set of practices. The course is explicitly designed to help individuals in each role understand the key aspects of the other roles.