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In-App Purchasing with iOS 7- Consumable and Non-Consumables

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Earn money from iOS game or app by integrating In-App purchases. Sell coins to unlock features or allow simple upgrades. Setup either a Consumable or Non-Consumable In-App Purchase in any of your iOS Projects (Sprite Kit included). Basic understanding of Xcode is preferred but not required.If you don’t care about creating those classes from scratch and just want to jumpstart into using in-app purchases, this is ALSO the course for you. You’re welcome to skip ahead to the Quick Start guide (and copy our InAppManager and InAppObserver classes). You can begin testing purchases or creating an in-game money system within an hour. Included with the tutorial movies are two source projects, one uses the Sprite Kit template and another uses the starting template for Single View Application. These projects alone make for a valuable reference, but you’ll get three hours of tutorials explaining every detail! The source projects have been added to the final movie in the Supplemental Materials tab.

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