How To Be A Data-Driven Digital Marketer (Google Analytics)

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Use Web Analytics (Google Analytics) to Drive Marketing Strategy and Understand Real Campaign Results. For all digital marketers out there. You are the voice of the consumer, so let’s be more efficient and do your own data analysis and understand your consumers on a deeper level. Apply your creativity to digital marketing with more accuracy and purposeful intent. There is a lot to review, but with this course, I give you enough resources and information to get you becoming more independent with web data. I’ll show you how to look at web data for each of your digital marketing initiatives from the list below:Then, I provide best analytics practices at a high-level on how to tie everything together into one story for powerful storytelling. It’s all about how you approach the data – as long as you understand the risk and the application, you’ll be successful in your marketing campaigns. Examples are given with real numbers in Google Analytics and other dashboards I’ve picked out to showcase the marketing analysis process.