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Cyber Criminals Want Your Information: Stop Them Cold!

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Learn how to securely and easily manage your digital life’s ever growing list of passwords and beat the cyber criminals.The above list is only a small sample of sites you probably use on a regular basis. In fact many people have over one hundred accounts and that list is growing all the time!. Unfortunately none of those are good practices. That’s right – none of them. For the best security you should have a different password for every account (site)! These passwords should also be stored in an encrypted and safe manner.Now why should you use a different password? You have heard of massive data breaches haven’t you? Where cyber criminals steal thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of account information? It has happened to many sites including Adobe, eBay, Twitter, and many many others.So every account on every site should have a unique password. After all, the username is usually your email address so in most cases your account is only protected by your password. However, there is more to this puzzle.You should make your password as difficult for the cyber criminals to guess as possible. That means quit using video123 and use something like R-‘hJ@y|11_b@i&U%RfB-z`J7ZF0d”:blJg”ksUg which is far more secure.Your instructor, Jeremy O’Connell, will explain with videos how you secure your digital accounts and better protect yourself from cyber criminals. So the next time when you hear on the news of some site being hacked and millions of accounts being stolen you will know your accounts are safe and changing that site’s password is no big deal.

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