Bitcoin Trading Masterclass: The Complete Bitcoin Course

Learn to trade Bitcoin & Altcoins, develop a systematic trading process & understand the Bitcoin blockchain! Would you like to know how to get started trading crypto currencies like Bitcoin? And do you have the feeling you just throw darts at a board when trading cryptocurrencies? Do you want to get more certainty in your investment decisions and develop a systematic trading process? Then this course is for you! Crypto currencies are one of the hottest topics right now because of their incredible growth potential and possible long-term value that could help you to build a retirement fund or just simply help you build your fortune.In the beginning of this course, we will learn about the history of Bitcoin. So for instance – who was Satoshi Nakamoto, what’s Segwit and how did it change Bitcoin? Afterwards, we will cover Bitcoin fundamentals. You will learn how the Bitcoin blockchain works, what Bitcoin is, how to trade it and how to trade smaller crypto currencies called Altcoins.