1. You should have Paypal account.
2. Cashback can be withdrawal only to Paypal account.
3. Register to offersallin1 account with your Paypal email id
4. Cashback is only on selected stores and products.
5. To get your purchased track by our system you should always be logged into offersallin1 account.
6. Cashback will be on hold for 60 days.
7. Cashback will be only given if transactions are tracked by our system.
8. Cashback will not be eligible if you apply any other promotional coupons or gift card.
9 . No cashback can be transferred from one account of offeersallin1 wallet to others offersallin1 wallet
10. Cashback will be given only if you complete your transactions by paying to that product at that time.
11. Don’t expect cashback where it is not mentioned anything about cashback
12. Transaction charges of Paypal should be bear by you. For example suppose on withdrawal of your 20$ cashback to your Paypal account you will get 19$. Transactions charges will be taken by Payal. We are not responsible for any transaction charges and we don’t calculate it. It is the amount that Paypal will deduct automatically while transferring to you account.
13. Cashback can be withdrawal only if it is up to threshold/withdrawal limit. Currently it is 20$ limit. You can withdraw cashback once it is reached to 20$. Threshold limit will change from time to time. we will inform you to your registered email id
14. No Cashback on web hosting offers
15. Offers on offersallin1.com will have cashback %. Same % will be given. So it is advised to see the cashback percentage while clicking on link and expect same cashback from us.
16. You can submit ticket https://offersallin1.com/submit-ticket/ of courses which is not listed on offersallin1.com. with course URL in message. After getting your message we will publish the same course on our site. Now you can buy that course from our link and You can avail cashback.
17. We hold all power to decide if cashback should be given or not in case of dispute.
18. Raise a ticket in case you have any query