How to Start a Success Social Media Marketing Agency

How to setup your business model, provide value, and most importantly.
  • basic understanding of social media
  • a desire to set your own hours
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Social Media Marketing is a huge business trend this year. Businesses are starting to see more and more value in building relationships and acquiring customers through social media channels. It’s about building customer loyalty and brand awareness. You can leverage this to your advantage!

In this course I’ll go through the step by step process to show you what you need to get started, provide value, and finally…approach and land clients! Most of us already understand Social Media and use it everyday, but did you know you could get paid for that?

Why am I qualified to teach this you my ask? Well, aside from my expertise in Digital Marketing and eCommerce (I run many successful online businesses) and the 10’s of thousands of students I’ve taught my business models to, my path to success actually started with a Social Media Marketing Agency. That’s right! Let me walk you through what I did to sign clients and provide them value that way you can replicate the process yourself…

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Enroll today. Earn Tomorrow.

Who is the target audience?
  • anyone that wants to turn social media into a career
  • anyone looking for more job freedom
  • anyone that wants to escape the traditional 9-5
  • anyone that wants to start a social media marketing agency
  • anyone that wants to successfully learn how to land clients

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