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PaidSocialMediaJobs : Work From Home from Facebook & Twitter

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Work From Home PaidSocialMediaJobs | Get Paid for Posting on FACEBOOK

I want to do online business or I want to leave my job and start my own startup firm.
Really ?? I feel the same and do you ???. Truly speaking we all keep telling our self that one day I will start with big idea and this big idea will change the world. Days, Months and year are passing but where is this big idea for which we are waiting from so long. This is only a imaginary thought where only our hallucination play with us and give us fake hope. Who are you ? You may be a frustrated engineer or frustrated employee from some private firm which makes you work 10-12 hrs. a day. You may be a home keeper who works day and night to keep your family live. You may be a student who is thinking about his future that how to earn money in this competitive world. You may be a poor boy friend who don’t have money to spend on her GF. Moreover you are normal person who have dreams and flying dreams to earn handsomely and fulfill all their luxurious needs. Question is how to do or how to fulfill this awesome and luxurious desires. one way is to think that luxurious need is not for us and shut down the brain from taking efforts and second way is to read this article till down to know how to get paid easily just by posting it on all social websites. You must be thinking how it is possible and how can someone pay to post on social sites. So let me give you brief idea about this …

Facebook alone is such a big platform that is all over the globe. Every dot in this world is related to every other dot in this world through Facebook and more likely to say that is social networking site. Majorly Billions of users daily use Facebook to interact with world and if anyone wants to tell about the product he is selling then don’t you feel logically social networking sites can be the better place to announce and advertise the product. Now question is why someone tell us to advertise the product and how can we reach to their customers. So in short if product seller ask to Facebook to publish his ADS then Facebook charges 100$ for one advertisement for 1 day. Better than this if he give this task to someone else to post his advertising to particular group and he pays 50$ to that person who is posting. This is profitable to both saving 50$ to merchant and 50$ to the one who post it on social sites. Merchant will earn by getting that traffic on his website and if that traffic purchases then it is merchants profit.


Now it is pretty much clear that what it is all about. But still you must be thinking about authenticity of this work. Will they give you money time to time. How much post I should post daily and Where I should post all this. What will the measurement of work and money. Don’t Worry, This idea is not my and my post is only the placeholder for this article. Later I will let you how to know about all this questions. You can select option as per your choice by who pays more or the one you for which you have large audience. Basic Requirement : Create Facebook , Twitter or Snapchat account Click on this button and read all instructions carefully on that website

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