Udemy Free : Intro to Game Development using Unity – Part I

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A 2D game will be developed from scratch – perfect beginning course for high school age students, artists, and newbies!

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General information about this topic

  • Build a basic 2D game using Unity with knowledge and confidence
  • Perfect for Middle and High School students and just about anyone else who wants to get started developing games. No programming experience at all is required
  • just an interest in creating a game in Unity, the same software used to create Pokemon Go and so many other best selling games! You’ll painlessly learn the basics of scripting too, because the videos introduce scripting as necessary along the way.
  • You’ll be amazed at how fast you can learn Unity. And, you’ll quickly become confident with all the game-creating basics. The pace of each video is designed for ease of learning, and not designed to cram as much as possible into each lesson
  • As an option, for those of you who want to continue game development using more features of Unity, the Part II course is available to add to your journey
  • AWESOME!!!!!! This tutorial is clear and easy to understand. You have explained everything perfectly and I had no problems at all as well as in the last few tutorials. I have got to understand about developing games and I love it.
  • This tutorial is really for the very beginners and I have learned new thing without problems at all.

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