Golang – JumpStart on Cloud

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Udemy 100% Free : Get Familiar With Google Go Programming Language Fundamentals.
  • Basic familiarity with preferably C / any other programming language.
  • One can still start with no programming background.
  • A PC/MAC with Internet connection.

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Free Golang course to help you Get Started

Golang is highly efficient programming language developed by google for high performance and reliable system development.

This course is designed to make the students familiar with Google’s Golang programming fundamentals. We will discuss about some computer basics at first so that the course can be easily followed. Almost all the important keywords of golang have been covered in this course and the approach shown in this course will help the students start digging more on their own.

Enroll in this course to learn:

  1.  Programming Fundamentals
  2.  Computer Basics
  3.  Google GO programming language.
  4.  Programming on cloud.

This Course covers Golang features by dividing in two modules 1) Basic and 2)Advance which will help the students learn it in a step-by-step approach.

The course also throws some challenges to the students so that they can learn it while doing.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to get their hand dirty with golang.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the language which is highly efficient, stable and delivers performance.

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